Netizens need to do more to prevent online attacks: Recustom rubber band bracelets cheapport

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A report released by Chinas largest security software provider, Qihoo 360, on Monday said Chinese netizens" awareness to prevent online threats should be further improved, as many of them are using "naked" mobile phones or laptops while surfing the internet.

The company spent half the month of September surveying more than 30,000 Chinese netizens, finding only 0.7 percent of them install security software on their computers and telephones.

The result means these users" internet connection devices can be easily attacked and their security awareness needs to be increased, the company said.

"We are in an era filled with online attacks, and we must pay attention to cybersecurity that very much relates to national safety," said Zhou Hongyi, head of the enterprise.

The report aims to tell netizens they may suffer online attacks if they do not enhance security awareness, as well as to suggest they take more measures to upgrade their internet connection devices.

It was glad to see 40.4 percent of survey participants have noticed the risks and said they are willing to learn how to avoid attacks online; but the report also expressed concern for the 19 percent of those surveyed who said they had no idea on recent major online attacks and what they should do if similar threats occur again.

The enterprise suggested those surveyed and all netizens across the country connecting to free WiFi in public places should use different passwords for different online accounts.

In addition, a regular security check for computers and mobile phones is also needed, the company added.